About cannes digital 🎬

Cannes Digital is a digital series of events taking place during Cannes Film Festival In France. Cannes Digital 2017 co organizes a panel with women in entertaiment, la maison de scénariste and clap and zap as well mentoring sessions ( Digital storytelling, women empowerment, marketing tips, film festival strategy networking) and mixers for digital professionals and the entertainment industrie including social media influencers, TV studios, movies producers, music labels, agencies, video games, VFX, story-makers, digital marketers, developers, designers, and more.

Cannes Digital is the founder of Digital landscape in Cannes ( Panel ), the original digital and entertainment conference in cannes since 2015 and ” A survival workshop in the digital age.

Cannes digital is a festival du film merveilleux’s ‘event

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Cannes digital 2018 will take place at Cannes film festival 2018.