Muji in Russia


“MUJI Roshia” Final Recommendation

We would like to provide you with the final recommendations on the MUJI project and entering the Russian market.

Careful entering to main Russian cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg;
First establishment of common CONCEPT-STORE with an overall great range of main products in the four categories  discussed:
1) house goods  
2) office goods
3) beauty goods
4) accessories
First stores in the city – on the trade streets in the center (as company did in almost all the other countries), like Nevsky or Arbat – the incentive to make a separate from mall and unique impression on customers and provoke the first wave of WOM;
Then open stores in main malls, such as Galeria in St. Petersburg and Tsvetnoy in Moscow; 

Traditional marketing campaign of no direct ads with emphasis on opinion leaders and digital promotion. (in this case mobile application may be used as well).
No need in active ads campaign, thus no bright logo or motto should be applied to; 
Brand penetration should seem to be “naturally-going”, as being a niche product – there is no need to take the whole market, as such a market doesn’t originally exist; 
Color palette may be emphasized, basic and local colors as grey, dark red or white may represent the brand, for instance on the Net;
COO may be not ignored, as in Russia Japanese goods enjoy a good reputation, especially in terms of the merits MUJI consider important: quality and design.