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  1. Jul 29

    We're doing some scheduled maintenance, will be back online in 30 minutes or so.

  2. 25 Nov 2017

    Doing some housekeeping, search results m.b. empty for some users. Will be fully back online in an hour or two.

  3. 17 Oct 2017

    If you're getting "invalid domain" errors in CAPTCHA - you're not using domain to access the site.

  4. 15 Oct 2017

    A-a-a-and we're back!

  5. 15 Oct 2017

    Down for some maintenance, will be back up soon.

  6. 10 Aug 2017

    It looks like some of 's locations have routing issues to our systems. If you get "host down", try using VPN in diff. cntry.

  7. 12 May 2017

    We plan to do some work on our search backends, search functionality might be offline for some time. Not too long though.

  8. 29 Apr 2017

    We're doing some maintenance, will be back soon.

  9. 20 Apr 2017

    And we should be back online fully!

  10. 20 Apr 2017

    We're doing some maintenance, site might be unavailable for several minutes. Sorry!

  11. 5 Apr 2017

    PSA: We're starting our regular sync with latest data exports. Lots of really good stuff there. Thanks guys!

  12. 16 Mar 2017

    There might be issues with torrent generation, working on fix. You should use magnets anyway. :)

  13. 8 Mar 2017

    This is what happens, when you let police state control your access "for your own good", folks.

  14. 8 Mar 2017

    It seems that blocked Zooqle in Russia despite our strict compliance to all of their requests. Sloppy censoring FTW!

  15. 16 Dec 2016

    You can recover your password now, link is on login form just below password field.

  16. 6 Dec 2016

    And finally network gremlins ran in fear, driven away by our team of mighty network guys! Hurrah!

  17. 6 Dec 2016

    We're offline due to vicious battle with network gremlins. Be back soon! :)

  18. 1 Dec 2016

    Torrent generation is offline, we're investigating performance issues. You can always (and should!) use Magnet links. :)

  19. 22 Nov 2016

    Everything should work normally now, sorry guys – it took some time to catch network-eating gremlins.

  20. 21 Nov 2016

    There're some network availability issues, site may be inaccessible by some users. It's being resolved.


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